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A friendly, local wine tasting room that serves high-quality wine from all over the world and teaches guests about every aspect of wine and the wine-making process.


Wine shouldn’t be intimidating.

Wine should be fun. Too many people in the wine industry have created the impression of making wine intimidating. The Küper Wine Bar was created to break down these walls, bring you the best wine from every corner of the world, and give you a chance to learn, at your own pace, what you want to know about wine.

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Become a wine club member.

At Küper, we know everyone is unique and has different ideas about what they want a wine club to be. So, we have created two unique wine clubs and allow for you to customize your experience within each. Each month we will be celebrating a different wine-producing region of the world with the goal of giving a taste of all styles and varietals to our members and guests. Check out our Wine Club page for all the details.

The Küper Club


The Küper Club will allow you to receive a 10% discount on all wine related purchases and a FREE wine flight each month (a $15 value).

The Roosevelt Club

Cost tied to chosen wines

Choose from six regional wines each month. The cost will be tied to the wine you choose. Prices for two bottles range from $60 to $90.

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Küper Wine Bar News & Events

At Küper, we will be creating monthly fun, interactive, and tasty events so keep an eye out for what’s next. You can find all our scheduled events on our calendar page.

We wanted to create a friendly, local wine tasting room where you could meet your friends, enjoy the best wine from every region of the world, and, if you wanted, learn about every aspect of wine and the wine-making process.